DLEsurf Parts

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Motorized Jet Board Gas Powered Surfboard Parts

At Jetboards America, we recognize that taking care of a jet surf motor powered surfboard is a high priority once you’ve invested in a quality board. Our team is eager to support you as you embark on water sports ventures with our products. We also understand that parts that fit a specific engine can be difficult to come by. We want to make your life easier, so we provide a full inventory of parts including:
  • Cable nut
  • PETF gasket
  • Composite gasket
  • Cable screw
  • Rubber sleeve
  • Corrugated pipe secure plate
  • Rubber bellows
  • Hexagon button head screw
  • Air intake carbon fiber tube
  • Controlling handle
  • Starter key
  • Handle
  • Gasket
  • Foot strap
  • Foot pad
  • Round head hex socket screw
  • Jetboard hull (shell)
  • Mounting holder
  • Mounting set
  • Controller set
  • Battery
  • Water pump
  • Fuel tank
  • Bearing base set
  • Hatch cover set
  • Drain connector
  • Hatch locking buckle base
  • Side fin
  • Tail fin mounting plate
  • Tail fin (big)
  • Tail fin (small)
  • Hexagon socket head screw
  • Front of coupling
  • Drainage plug
  • Clamp
  • Drain pipe
  • Cooling water pipe connecter
  • Crankcase Assembly
  • Sensor
  • Coupling fixing sleeve
  • Oil seal
  • Bearing
  • Knurled pin
  • Piston
  • G Clamp
  • Needle bearing
  • Piston pin
  • Piston ring
  • Hex bolt
  • Shock absorber
  • Extended screw
  • Starter motor (CCW)
  • Sealing ring
  • Motor hoop bracket
  • mushroom cap screw
  • Cylinder gasket
  • Cylinder
  • Cooling water pipe connector
  • O-rings
  • Cylinder head
  • Sealing gasket
  • External hexagone boles
  • Engine mount
  • Spark plug
  • Wire clamp
  • Spark plug cap
  • Spark plug cap protection sleeve
  • Round head flat tail tapping screw
  • Line protection sleeve
  • Ignition
  • Admission valve gasket
  • Admission valve
  • Heat block gasket
  • Carburetor base
  • Carburetor gasket
  • Carburetor throttle cable bracket
  • Spark plug cap assembly
  • Coupling carbon fiber tube
  • Coupling rubber pad
  • Rear section of coupling
  • Coupling clamping block
  • Coupling lock sleeve
  • Transmission shaft
  • Impeller
  • Hexangular set screw
  • TKM oil seal
  • Propeller cans
  • Flat gasket
  • Bearing 6200 bear distance
  • Bear sleeve
  • Nut M6
  • O-type ring
  • Rectifier end cover
  • Impeller assembly
  • Propeller assembly
  • Exhaust pipe connect
  • Exhaust cans assembly
  • Silicone tube
  • One-way valve assembly
  • Crankshaft assembly
  • FKM seal
  • Stant kit
  • One-way bearing
  • Bushing
  • Starting gear (large)
  • Bearing 16002
  • Ring
  • Round head hexagon screw
  • Slave drive gear
  • Master drive gear
  • Crankcase end cap
With our consistently outstanding customer service and owner Ron Fernandes’s involvement, you can give us a call for advice or any other questions you have about the board. We value top-tier customer service and are excited to offer just that.
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Motorized Jet Water Surf Board

Of all the high-quality jetboards on the market today--including Mako boards and JetSurf--DLE engine surfboards with motors have a price point that can’t be beat. DLE engines has been building small engines for decades, and their dedication to designing and producing a sleek, simple machine that performs well is reflected in the quality of the DLE engine jetsurf board. DLE engines aren’t going for any fancy tricks on this one; they’ve optimized the proven characteristics of the jet powered surfboard to produce the pinnacle of jet surf perfection.
When you purchase a DLE engine jetboard through Jetboards America, you know that you’ll be taken care of because we provide the parts and warranty repairs that you need. We ship to water sport-loving clients anywhere in the United States; contact us  or give us a call at (208) 571-1763 for more information today!
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